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We welcome the opportunity to transform families, schools, communities and the Kingdom of God.

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It all starts with a willingness to make a difference, a short form, and a click to submit. From there, our team will welcome you into the fulfilling work of difference making.

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Become a partner, donate towards the mission, volunteer and be the hands and feet, or provide an in-kind contribution. Whatever your choice, help us empower the community while eliminating the distraction of hunger.

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Esther's Heart is moving our communities from the pangs of hunger and the uncertainty it brings towards a more prosperous and productive future.

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Your organization, corporation, or ministry could provide the resources needed to tip the scales in favor of real transformation in our communities. Will you help? Can we count on you?

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Imagine the smiles and gratitude you will experience while directly impacting others throughout our communities 🙂

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Thank you for registering to volunteer. Please complete the below form and someone from our team will be in contact with you! Our address is 728 Jackson Terrace St. SW, Concord, NC 28027. If you have questions, call us at 704-262-9294. Have a fantastic day! 
Group size needed: 8-10 people. 
Feb 13, 2024 6pm-8pm
May 7, 2024 6pm-8pm
May 20, 2024 6pm-8pm


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